Thursday, 14 March 2013

How Different Textures Are Used for Different Purposes

The textures are something that could be used in different ways in different things. From your car, home to cloths textures could be used anywhere in order to improve the elegance of a particular object. There are numerous types of textures and patterns available, but there are some textures which are quite common and mostly used for various purposes. We will look into the some of the best textures and their uses.


Wood textures: These are the popularly used textures for different purposes. The most common use of wood texture is in the walls. A wooden textured wall looks elegant and gentle. The other places where wood texture is used are the wood floorings and plywood. In most of the office furniture you could see the use of different types of wood textures. The design and beauty of a wood texture make it very cozy and stylish. Wood textures are also used in many home d├ęcor accessories like paintings, curtains, fabrics and fabricated items.

Metal textures: The Metal textures are mostly used on the prefabricated or molded furniture’s. They are also used interior walls in many homes and patios. The metal textures are brighter than the wood textures and that’s why used in the places that have a higher amount of natural light. Some of the metal texture prints are also used in the textile and other fabrics

Carpet textures: They are mostly used on the carpet floorings. These are the textures that well suits to be used in are relatively large area. Compared to the metal texture or wood textures, the carpet textures come with a variety of colors, designs and patterns.

Paper texture: They are quite popular among the photo shop experts and graphic designers. The paper textures are mostly used in albums and images as backgrounds. In most of the documents and presentations the paper textured is used.
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